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Less than a week ago, we were discussing one of the many asinine stories about Brad Pitt and The Brilliant And Beautiful Unicorn Known As Neri Oxman. It was in the story about how Brad likes women who “challenge him in every way, especially in the intellect department.” That was when I wrote: “As for the Unicornification of Neri Oxman… well, what’s next on the list? Probably a pap stroll by Neri Oxman solo, so we can see her street style. She’ll be carrying a book that only a genius would read and she’ll be wearing comfortable-but-expensive shoes. That’s my prediction.” Well, guess what??Neri Oxman was actually pap’d a few days ago in Cambridge, but those photos were pretty exclusive and that’s why we didn’t carry them. So these photos are just the second time that Neri Oxman has been pap’d in Cambridge, as she was heading to the Media Lab at MIT. She wore all-black and sensible shoes and carried The Voyager Golden Record, not to be confused with The Voyager Record: A Transmission by Anthony Michael Morena. Can I just say? My gossip predictions just keep getting better and better, right? Either I really am a witch OR this entire mess is a f–king cliche. It also feels like Brad and Neri are literally following The Amal Path down to the very f–king letter.In general though… people are generally comparing Neri’s whole look and vibe to Angelina Jolie. Both women enjoy ugly shoes. Both women like to wear black. I think Neri has better hair, but Angie is more beautiful/striking . And don’t believe any of the stories about Angelina “collapsing” at the thought of Neri Oxman and Brad. Please. The last time Angelina even referenced Brad, you could tell that she was still seething with anger towards him. She wrote him off. She ghosted him. She could care less about what or who he’s doing now.Photos courtesy of Backgrid.Celebitchy