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Miley Cyrus is obviously really jealous of the positive energy her fatherBilly Ray Cyrus was able to engender from the black community with his feature onLil Nas X‘sOld Town Roadbecause she really let the flood gates of apologyflow open when she was recently called out again for her previous remarks on hip-hop culture during part of her “I’m not urban, I’m a country bumpkin now” musical era.Miley is again doinghip-hop-ish music on her new album so I guess she’s trying to highly emphasize how sorry she is for all her past transgressions. Well, your dad certainly has nudged the door open for you, we’ll see how you play this…People reports that Miley got sort of dragged by YouTuber Kenya Wilson who put up a video called “Miley Cyrus Is My Problematic Fav…Sorry”where she brought up comments made by Miley in 2017 about hip-hop culture and rap music. At the time Miley said to Billboard:“But I also love that newKendrick song : ‘Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks.’I love that because it’s not ‘Come sit on my dick, suck on my cock.’ I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock’-I am so not that.”Obviously we know that she isso totally thatso it seemed like she was just trying to throw a community under the bus to change music styles. Which is nice.So Miley saw this video about herself, decided it was a chance at removing her problematicness and commented on the video:“Just watched your video. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak up. Being silent is not like me at all. I am aware of my platform and have always used it the best way I know how and to shine a light on injustice. I want to start with saying I am sorry. I own the fact that saying … ‘this pushed me out of the hip hop scene a little’ was insensitive as it is a privilege to have the ability to dip in and out of ‘the scene’. There are decades of inequality that I am aware of, but still have alot learn about. Silence is apart of the problem and I refuse to be quiet anymore. My words became a divider in a time where togetherness and unity is crucial. I can not change what I said at that time, but I can say I am deeply sorry for the disconnect my words caused. Simply said; I fucked up and I sincerely apologize. I’m committed to using my voice for healing, change, and standing up for what’s right. Miley.”I don’t think Miley has earned herself an invitation to the cookout just yet, though. I don’t even think she’s earned being Billy Ray’s Plus-One. She could drive him to the cookout and then pick him up after and get her own to-go container, maybe?-this apology earns about that much.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted