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During the throes of a global pandemic,M.I.A.decided it was the perfect moment to bring up the horror of vaccines. Yes, the thing which we all need is her worst nightmare since she would rather “choose death”. Conspiracy theories are very on brand for M.I.A., so she hasn’t disappointed with her own conspiracy theory about how coronavirus is good for big business and they’re loving it. Never mind the crashing global economy, I am picturing the Charmin Bears cackling with glee while buying a mansion in cash.M.I.A., who is a mother to an 11-year-old son namedIkhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, said that having to get her kid vaccinated was “the hardest thing” she’s done. via Billboard:The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce, “If I have to choose the vaccine or chip I’m gonna choose death.”When a follower called her out for being an “anti vaxxer,” the rapper responded with, “Yeah in America they made me my child before the school admission. It was the hardest thing. To not have choice over this as a mother. I never wanna feel that again. He was so sick for 3 weeks then Docs had to pump him with antibiotics to reduce the fever from 3 vaxins.”“As an adult you have choice! By then you’ve built your immune system. You have a choice as an “adult” wishing you all good health,” she continued in a since-deleted tweet.M.I.A. is ready to face backlash, concluding with the statement: “Cancelling is irrelevant!”She also tweeted and deleted this:“Most of science is in bed with business. Business is in bed with banks, banks are in bed with tech, techs in bed with us, we’re in bed with corona. Corona is in bed with science. So on … the best is prevention.”And she continued:“Don’t panic you are OK… You are not gonna die. You can make it without stressing the medical systems. Just breathe. You are going to be ok. You can make it through without jumping in the frying pan. You are fine. All the vaccines you’ve already had is enough to see you through.”So are vaccines bad or we’ve had just enough? M.I.A. needs to clarify before Jenny McCarthy can officially welcome her into the Anti-Vaxxers Club.M.I.A. has also been using the quarantine to tweet about how Julian Assange “stopped wars” and also pushed the conspiracy theory that 5G created corona. She must have read Keri Hilson‘s journals:billionaires are setting trends in investments even on gov levels. Don't think assange is in prison coz he invented covid19 or sold you something u don't need , he's inside for stopping wars. It's time to hold greed accountable for destruction and monetary exploitation.— M.I.A March 24, 2020Ok so we have the wheel . And we don't need 5 G for any thing like driver less cars or rockets and drones and military weapons. So what is wrong with your current phone service that isn't good enough that it's important to fry people for it?— M.I.A March 24, 2020Here is the wave frequency used in military weapons— M.I.A March 24, 2020And yes, I’m sure M.I.A. tweeted all of this in her and her multi-multi millionaire husband’s opulent townhouse after complaining to her staff that her truffle fries are cold. Honestly, I too would be grouchy if my truffle fries were cold. Relatable!Pic:Wenn.comDlisted