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Matt Lauerdestroyed his own career and now he’s focused on destroying someone else’s. Matt wants real revenge! Matt’s op-ed piece criticizing Ronan Farrow‘s reporting of sexual assault allegations against himwas just the beginning. Sources have told People that Matt has decided it will be his “mission” to clear his name of what he considers “false accusations.”Honestly, Matt probably already won the battle because I’m sure that hardcore “hatred” tattoo shook Ronan so hard that Ronan quit the reporting game forever.Sources say that Matt’s “whole mission” is to “clear his name.” Well without a job, what else would he be doing? The source told People that Matt has a real issue with everyone thinking he’s trash and wants to change the narrative ASAP.“In Matt’s mind, he’s focused on not being labeled a rapist. Matt cares so much about what people think about him-even though he might not want to admit that.”The allegations stem from a report by former NBC employee Brooke Nevils, who alleged that he raped her during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Matt has claimed it was a consensual affair and denied any sexual assault, while Brooke has claimed otherwise again and again. The incident between Matt and Brooke was documented in Ronan’s bookCatch And Kill, and Matt is ready for some payback.In Matt’s op-ed he pointed out that Brooke did not use the term rape in her official complaint to NBC and so I guess that means he’s innocent? Let’s askWhoopi Goldbergif this constitutes “rape-rape”. Either way, he claims fact-checking and better journalism would have allowed for a better outcome for him. The source said:“He’s on a mission right now to take down Ronan. He blames Ronan for getting him labeled a rapist. Matt completely believes it was a consensual affair, no different from what many powerful people do, but that he’s had to suffer the consequences like nobody else… He was making $30 million a year and was taking helicopters from Long Island into work, four days a week. Now he’s got nothing.”Oh, poor baby doesn’t make $30 million a year anymore?! Cry for him.I’m sure thatHarvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are both writing Matt thank you notes for standing up for all the convicted and accused sexual predators out there. Thank you for being a voice of change, Matt!Pic: Wenn.comDlisted