Lori Harvey Got Charged In A Hit And Run

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TMZ says that Steve Harvey’s 23-year-old daughterLori Harvey got herself into some major trouble with the law and has been charged with a hit-and-run. Don’t worry. she didn’t hit a person. The LA County District Attorney’s Office has said that Lori has been charged with some misdemeanors. I mean, how are you so rich and connected and you’re still out here committing stupidly avoidable crimes?The crash went down this past October, andwitnesses say that they saw Lori texting and driving while out and about. That turned out to not be a great combination because Lori smashed her G-Wagon into a Prius and then tried to leave the scene. As you know, the best thing to do after a car accident is just leave the scene because no one will ever find you or know you did it. The police caught up with her when they found her down the street from the accident. I know that Lorimay have broken up with Diddy, but he’d probably send along his driver if she wants to text her friends while traveling.At one point while Lori was dealing with the police, she FaceTimed her dad. Like that matters. What is Steve Harvey going to do other than pay her bail? Crimes are crimes: especially when they’re in public and make loud smashing noises as they happen. She’s now been charged with: one count of resisting/delaying/obstructing a peace officer, and one count of hit and run resulting in property damage; and is expected to be arraigned later in the month.Clearly Lori needs to go back to driver’s-ed. Or do the next-best-thing and watch drag queens, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova, educate the masses on proper vehicular conduct:Pic: TMZDlisted