Lily James Allegedly Thought Dominic West And His Wife Had An Arrangement

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Time for Part LXVIII of The Affair: European Style. In case you have an actual life of your own, here’s what you missed: Lily James went on The Tonight Show and made no mention of the scandal, Dominic West was labeled a “love rat” by the British tabloids, and wife Catherine FitzGerald fled to her Irish castle for “work” .On today’s episode, a source says 51-year-old Dominic was “always very flirtatious” with Lily while shooting their new show The Pursuit of Love, and it seemed like his marriage was an “open” thing. Sigh. Him and every “ethically non-monogamous” fuck boy on Tinder. Shhh, don’t tell their partners!via Us Weekly:”Dominic and Lily had spent a lot of time together on set working together,” the insider adds. “Dominic didn’t seem to be trying to hide the fact that he was attracted to her. The way Dominic was carrying on with Lily people assumed that he was allowed to stray from his marriage.”Makes sense. When you’re that obvious about it, you’re either an incredibly fucking cocky love rat, or you and your other half have an “understanding”. And, allegedly, Lily believed that Dominic and Catherine had an arrangement. A source close to Lily says, via E! News:“She’s mortified and embarrassed by the entire thing. She was shocked when she saw the photos and his story that he is happily married.”The insider adds, “She wants it all to go away and is just laying low hoping it will pass quickly.”Either that statement was or wasn’t true. If it was true, Dominic still shat on his wife by fucking around so flagrantly and publicly with another celebrity. And also, let’s be real, if there was an arrangement, Catherine likely wasn’t benefiting.Last year I met a man at a bar who told me his divorce had been finalized earlier that day, and he was out celebrating. I was all, “Congrats, let’s hook up cuz you have a beard and cute hipster glasses!” It was only after the deed was done that the dude admitted that he and his wife had only separated that day. Then he began crying and confessed that they weren’t actually separated, they’d just had “a really big fight cuz I’m addicted to porn.” Then this love rat puked in my laundry basket!Pic: Wenn.comDlisted