Kourtney Kardashian Is Stepping Back From “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

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When Kourtney Kardashian woke up earlier this week to an email from GoDaddy saying there had been an issue processing her next payment for her Goop Lite website known as Poosh, that was Pimp Mama Kris’ way of saying, “Give it a rest, sis.” Kourtney was on Entertainment Tonight with her sisters, Kim and Khlo, to say she’s not quitting but that she’s spending more time with her kids. For the first time ever, Kim made me laugh with her side-eye reminiscent of Beyonc letting Kelly Rowland say she was “second lead vocalist” for Destiny’s Child. In other words: SURE, JAN…er…KOURTNEY!People says the OG Koven trio were promoting the 18th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians,and the boring mother of four kids dished on her plans to pull the Rob Kardashian fadeaway:”I just decided to spend more time as a mom and put more of my energy there. But I’m not saying goodbye.”Khlo said the show is like a revolving door and not just because of Kim’s husbands. She thinks Kourtney will be back because “they all come back.” Kim, who screeched at Kourtney how she’s “the least interesting to look at” last year, didn’t waste time and said it could be an opportunity for another spinoff. Considering how ratings are, I don’t think E! will be picking that one up.Kourtney has blabbed before about how important family is to her and that she wants to spend time with her kids, even if it means going on family vacations with Scott Disick and Sofia Richie. On the one hand, maybe it’s true! I’m only kidding. We know what “spend time with family” really translates to: “Mom didn’t make as much off my arts and crafts website as she thought, so now I have to go be an unpaid intern at Kylie Cosmetics.” OK, that makes much more sense!Pic: Wenn.comDlisted