Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear Line Reportedly Sold Out In Minutes And Made Millions Of Dollars

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Because there are people out there who still think the Kardashian’s faces are natural, there are people out there who think Kim Kardashian got her body by pouring it into a blend of Spandex and Lycra. Kim launched a line of shapewear called Kimono SKIMS. After some rebranding and tag trouble , SKIMS went on sale yesterday. The exact same day Rihanna debuted her new underwear and Apple launched the iPhone 11. Wow, what a coincidence. Well, even with Rihanna’s underwear show and a shiny new phone, Kim still managed to draw in enough interest in her girdles to make $2 million in sales within minutes.Sources tell TMZ that Kim sold nearly every single piece of shapewear in the SKIMS line within minutes. Interest in the line was so high, the website crashed. Something similar happened when Kylie Jenner rebranded her lip kit line as Kylie Cosmetics, and her website subsequently crashed.Due to overwhelming response, the enormous traffic in the last hour has created a tech issue with @skims site for launch. Our teams are working now to resolve the issue.— Kim Kardashian West September 10, 2019Our @skims launch time has been pushed back by 1 hour and we will now go live at 10am PST.— Kim Kardashian West September 10, 2019We want everyone to have the opportunity to purchase and have the best experience! Thank you for your understanding.— Kim Kardashian West September 10, 2019Sources claim Kim made $2 million in sales during those few brief moments that stock was available. TMZ puts it into perspective, and says that Spanx – arguably the biggest shapewear company around – made $4 million in profits in its first year. To be fair, Spanx was launched in 2000, and if you adjust for inflation, that number is closer to $6 million. But still, all that matters here is that Kim Kardashian just got richer. And when she restocks all those underwears, she’ll no doubt make more money.Our teams are working overtime to get everything restocked ASAP and my goal is to get our business to a point where we can make my shapewear and essential underwear items available and accessible always.— Kim Kardashian West September 11, 2019How Kim made so much money is simple. First of all, she has a legion of loyal fans that would put the capitalistic zombies in They Live to shame. Second, because the shapewear is fairly cheap. For example, some control-top underwear will cost you around $24 to $38. The most expensive item appears to be a $131 pair of high-waisted shorts.The tax and shipping came to about $10. Not too shabby SKIMS. pic.twitter.com/N3d0Mkvagv— King Natles September 10, 2019But do they actually do anything? If this review by Cosmo is any indication, it does the bare-ass minimum.With that being said, I look forward to when Kim inevitably has to start fielding angry online messages from SKIMS shoppers who bought her underwear and didn’t magically get the ass and waist of their dreams. Then again, she could easily save herself more damage control by throwing in a little gift with purchase.“The perfect compliment to your SKIMS, meet SKAMS – Kim’s favorite picture editing software! Simply put on your SKIMS, take a pic, then let SKAMS do the work.”Pic: YouTubeDlisted