“Kim Kardashian’s kids have a windowless playroom full of toys” links

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Kim Kardashian’s kids have a playroom and it’s not a total minimalist prison. They actually get to play with colorful toys! Donny Smallhands by name… Dakota Johnson directed Coldplay’s new music video! Taylor Swift went to the NME Awards this week & drank some wine. I feel like the York Princesses would like this season’s Brock Collection. Is Chris Evans hiding a secret wife? Is she in Boston? House Hunters featured a throuple! My take: this is one Sam Smith’s worst songs?? Love After Lockup: Clint cheated on Tracie. Who was the best-dressed lady at the VF Oscar party? A tour of the kids Playroom in Kim & Kanye’s Home. pic.twitter.com/AE91SSXSK3— KKW MAFIA February 13, 2020Celebitchy