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I have some distressing news for Allison who outed herself as a KFC gravy guzzler a couple of weeks ago when she reported on the dire chicken shortage at KFC locations in the UK and Ireland. It seems that while KFC UK and has finally gotten their ducks in a row, the gravy train didn’t arrive at the scheduled time.CNBC reports that the company is in crisis yet again because now they’ve run out of gravy!“Due to the ongoing distribution challenges DHL is experiencing, some restaurants are continuing to serve a reduced menu,” a spokesman said. “We’re working as hard as we can to get this sorted out. We know that our gravy is a big favorite!”I just assumed they pumped the stuff directly from the earth using a pneumatic tube system or something. I’m sorry but a DHL truck load of gravy sounds super sketch, especially given the storms that are happening in the UK right now. Not safe at any speed!KFC UK offered the following update on Twitter:— KFC UK & Ireland February 26, 2018Nobody asked about the lettuce, KFC! What even do they have on their menu that has lettuce in it? Maybe it was a joke. The poor buggers must have used up their last good joke on their FCK apology ad. KFC UK running out of chicken is like if all the Irish bars in Boston ran out of Guinness and running out of gravy is like if all the Irish bars in Boston ran out of Bailey’s Irish cream. What’s next, no biscuits? Running out of biscuits would be like if every Irish bar in Boston ran out ofPogues songs on the jukebox!Pic: InstagramDlisted