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View this post on Instagram feels good ? @taylorswiftA post shared by KATY PERRY on Jun 11, 2019 at 4:52pm PDT A few weeks ago, people were buzzing about “the end” of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s years-long feud. I had heard it all before, and so I didn’t really buy that it was really the end. For what it’s worth, I think Katy has wanted to end the feud for years. She was the one who devoted a significant amount of time during her album promotion a few years ago to talking about how she forgives Taylor, etc. I think it was part of Katy’s whole peaceful, therapeutic, diplomatic vibe. Taylor stayed silent about it. But considering Taylor is running out of beef storylines these days, perhaps it was time for Taylor to really bury the hatchet too. So… it seems like Taylor invited Katy over to her Manhattan apartment. The Snake Fam obsessively went over every detail in Katy’s photo of a plate of cookies with the message “feels good @taylorswift.” Taylor responded with a dozen heart emojis. The Snake Fam believes that the plate of cookies happened in Taylor’s kitchen, and it does look like it. I won’t believe it until I see Katy holding Olivia, Meredith and Benjamin Button though. Nah, I believe it. Cookies heal all, time heals all, and beefs fade over time, especially when your new brand is happy pastel rainbow barf. Who can even remember how this beef even started? Oh, right, I remember. Katy and Taylor were friends back in the day, then they had a falling out over… back-up dancers. As in, some back-up dancers preferred to work on Katy’s tour rather than Taylor’s tour, and Taylor thought Katy had “stolen” her dancers . There was some theory about how John Mayer was involved too, considering he briefly had a thing with Taylor and then went on to full-on date Katy, but everyone always insisted that it was mainly about the back-up dancers. Taylor then devoted huge chunks of 1989 to her beef with Katy, and there was a solid year of Taylor performing her friendships with everyone to “prove” how popular she is, more popular than Katy. It was all pretty juvenile. I’m glad Taylor’s moved on.Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram and Backgrid.Celebitchy