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There was a time when the mere mention of putting high school-style enemies Taylor Swift and Katy Perry in the same room would have made both of them run for their diaries and glitter gel pens and scribble stuff like, “I’d rather eat cat barf” or “Over my dead body! Actually, that witch would probably enjoy that.” But that time is gone, and Taylor and Katy are on somewhat friendly terms now. Neither wants to slam the other into the lockers, or spit in their pudding. But they might be even better than we thought.Back in March, Katy said she’d be open to the idea of working with Taylor. Yesterday, Katy posted the following picture to Instagram and tagged Taylor Swift. View this post on Instagram feels good @taylorswiftA post shared by KATY PERRY on Jun 11, 2019 at 4:52pm PDTIf the year was 2014, Taylor might be afraidthat those cookies have Ex-Lax in them.But it’s just a regular old plate of chocolate chip cookies, and peace at last obviously means Katy is happy they’re no longer feuding. Here’s where some people think that plate of cookies is a clue about something bigger. Taylor responded to Katy’s post with this:PEACE AT LAST, plus the two peace signs, is thirteen characters. It’s no secret that Taylor’s favorite number is 13, and she loves using it to tease secret projects.Katy also geotagged the picture “Let’s Be Friends.” People says fans seem to think that could be the name of their single. That’s too much of a reach for me. Let’s be friends? That’s something six year olds say. Katy is almost 35, and Taylor is almost 30. If that’s the vibe they’re going for, then the name of their single should be: “Can I have your number? I wanna text you memes about The Bachelor.”Pic: Wenn.comDlisted