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Entertainment Tonight is reporting that the greatest feud to hit white girls since they had to choose between being on Team Jennifer Aniston or Team Angelina Jolie may finally be coming to a resolute conclusion. It seems that Katy Perry andTaylor Swift are inching ever closer to the forgiveness duet nobody needs, as Katy has let it be known that she is “open” to working with Taylor Swift on new music.It all started many moons ago. There was a time that Taylor and Katy were quite close but things soon took a turn. The story goes: Katy stole from Taylor. She stole her man,John Mayer, and she stole Taylor’s dancers for her tour. This was the wedge upon which their resentment was born. Of course Taylor went on to writeBad Blood about Katy, and Katy allegedly wrote about Taylor inSwish, Swish. It’s been a musical blood bath. And by that I mean: these two women have berated my ears with their terrible music and they’re bleeding.The drama quickly got tiring so they figured they would try burying the hatchet. Katy apologized for her role in things, and even sent Taylor an actual olive branch to show her how sowwie she was for all the drama. Taylor was overjoyed because who doesn’t love someone trying way too hard to get your forgiveness?It seems that good will is only continuing on. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight reporters on the iHeart Radio red carpet with artistZedd who she just made that 365 song with, Katy let it be known that she is open to working with Taylor in the future. While pretending to be an “AI version of Katy Perry” Katy told ET:“I mean, I’m making music with Zedd, I’m open! Open! Open! Open! …I’m a lovable AI.”I don’t know what’s going on on that red carpet, from Katy’s Gwen Stefani cosplay to the checkered button down she’s wearing to her decision to act like a robot because of her newest song about… robots? Unclear. But one thing is clear: Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are after some sweet, sweet reunion publicity. Can’t wait for them to work the pap stroll together at Disneyland wearing matching mouse ears, or whatever rich women do. Bribe their way into college? Who knows.Here’s Katy acting a mess:We’ve got the A.I. version of Katy Perry on the #iHeartAwards2019 red carpet and she’s “open” to making new music… with Taylor Swift!— Entertainment Tonight March 15, 2019Pics: Wenn.comDlisted