Kanye West Mean Mugs His Way Through The Music Video For “Closed On Sundays”

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If the FBI weren’t already on high alert over whatever the fuck it is that Kanye West is up to in Wyoming, I sure as hell hope they are now. The music video for Kanye’s single Closed on Sunday off his album Jesus Is King is here and well… picture The Partridge Family only with ugly clothes, and instead of driving around in a fun hippy van, they trundle through a bleak landscape in a convoy of armored vehicles that look like they were designed for Burning Man by Elon Musk. And instead of being a family sitcom, it’s a cult recruitment video that doubles as a Chick-Fil-A commercial starring The Kardashians with Kris Jenner in the role of Wealthy Widow Shirley Jones. I hope the residents of Cody, Wyoming, where Kanye now owns two $14 million ranches, have seen the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country and know to stay away from the salad bar at their local Chick-Fil-A.I know this is a big ask, but please stick with it until at least the 1:05 mark because therein lies a surprise which will delight and horrify in equal measure.I could write an entire dissertation on the hypocritical, half-baked Sunday school Christianity, the exploitative deployment of the children , and the shameless self-promotion of the World’s Ugliest Kult wear, but that would be a bigger waste of time than the 2:35 minutes I already gave up for this shit. The one nagging question I will spend time pondering though, is was the direction given to smile, or to not smile? Nobody is on the same page here, least of all Kanye whose expression between 1:16 and 1:22 should be a warning to all to stay far, far away from the kompound.Pic: YouTubeDlisted