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Well, at least MESS legend Jonathan Rhys Meyers has learned one lesson over the years. He apparently doesn’t fly commercial anymore. Sadly however, his decision to catch a ride on a private jet with the Greek billionaire heir to a Coca Cola bottling empire, Alki David, and Alki’s partner in a CBD company and Dish Network heir, Chase Ergon, resulted in his wife Mara Lane, and his mother-in-law getting cavity searched at the airport in St. Kitts. According to The Daily Mail, Alki and Chase were “accused of carrying $1.3 million worth of cannabis on board”. Jonathan with his little sneaky vape pen doesn’t look quite so bad anymore!The Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis decided to legalize marijuana, but the bill hasn’t actually passed yet. Eager to get expand their CBD business, the hubristic billionaires decided they’d just go ahead and get started regardless.David, 50, and Chase Ergen, heir to satellite fortune, are said to have transported an estimated 5,000 cannabis plants as part of their new business to ‘develop legal cannabis businesses in the region’.But they were pulled aside by customs officials after landing and said to have been held for eight hours before being let go and then arrested as they tried to leave the island days later.#STKITTS: Billionaires Alki David and Chase Ergen, who formed an international-regional consortium to invest in cannabis in the Eastern Caribbean were recently detained after their private aircraft landed in St.Kitts with a consignment of their new venture products.– CaribbeanNewsNetwork May 13, 2019#Greek Coca-Cola Heir, Alkiviades “Alki” David, Caught on #StKitts with $1.3 Million in #Marijuana– The National Herald May 14, 2019Alki told The Mail that “Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ mother-in-law and wife were cavity searched. We left the airport after the search but were then arrested after trying to leave the island a few days later.”Alki was released after paying $30,000 bail, and was ordered to surrender all travel documents. He’s due back in today.Chase is in even more trouble. When he was arrested they found ketamine, which he claims is medicinal treatment of bipolar disorder. Chase is still sitting in jail, which NEVER happens to billionaires named Chase!Since Chase isn’t able to come to the phone right now, Alki’s been doing all of the talking for them both. And he’s making a fucking mess of it by pissing off the locals and the government. Not only did he have the damn nerve to send out a press release before they even arrived announcing his plans to make the Eastern Caribbean “the Silicon Valley of cannabis, the Wall Street, the Hollywood.”, but after his arrest he “utilized his social media platforms to release several short video clips of himself directing threats towards Prime Minister Harris”. Apparently the boys had been working with PM Harris’ opposition leader, former PM Denzil Douglas.His remarks have led a group of locals called “Concerned Citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis” to publicly condemn him. And Prime Minister Harris is big mad. With good reason.Prime Minister Harris has stated resolutely that “non-nationals would not be permitted to secure advantages over nationals of our Federation as we set about to build out a marijuana industry.”In one instance Alki David said with a clenched fist, “Mr. Harris, PM, you’re going to get a fisting.” He added, “Literally a legal fisting like no other.”You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Alki recently had to pay $11 million after losing a sexual harassment lawsuit. Alki claims everything he has done has been perfectly legal. But according to The St. Kitts Nevis Observer, plenty of people warned him they’d be running afoul of the law. Do you think Alki gives a shit about poor people’s laws?Meanwhile, it looks like the cavity search was quickly forgotten by Mara. Good thing she didn’t grab a tampon from bathroom on the jet. It was probably laced with weed and ketamine. You know, for cramps! View this post on Instagram Just trying to tan the underarms and in comes Wolf throwing sand blobs at me. Some #BabyShark action for your entertainment purposes just in case you have not heard it a gajillion times already. A gajillion and one times now A post shared by Mara Lane on May 13, 2019 at 11:42pm PDT View this post on Instagram @alkidavid, we hope you have favorable outcomes with your business ventures in gorgeous St Kitts & Nevis. Wolf says hi Uncle Chase, we hope you feel better. We love you both * Thank you also A for a colorful holiday and showing us a beautiful part of the world that we had yet to explore. Hope to return someday again to these amazing islands and to see some more beautiful vervant monkeys and enjoy some more local johnnycakes coconut buns A post shared by Mara Lane on May 13, 2019 at 11:28pm PDTPoor Uncle Chase. Hang in there, buddy.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted