Jesse Williams Was Ordered To Pay His Estranged Wife $100,000 A Month For Spousal And Child Support

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Why do I have a feeling that is the same “my stomach just exited my ass” face that Jesse Williams made after hearing that he’ll have to burp up $100,000 into his estranged wifeAryn Drake-Lee’s hands every single month?Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee have been tusslin’ over money and custody shit for almost longer than Grey’s Anatomy has been on TV, and that’s saying a lot since Grey’s Anatomy has been running for at least 45 years. Jesse and Aryn’s latest battle started up in April when she let the court know that the $50,000 she gets a month from him for spousal support just wasn’t cutting it. While I could easily make 50 grand a month work for me , Aryn had a hard time making it work. She needed $73,000 a month, because she claims she wanted to put $25,000 a month aside for college. She also wanted Jesse to cover her legal bills. Jesse hit back at the mother of his 2 children by calling her greedy. That really worked out for him, because the court gave Aryn everything she asked for and more! Cue up the Price Is Right Double Showcase Winner alarm!The Daily Mail says that a judge has ordered Jesse to pay $50,629 in child support on top of the $50,695 he already pays her a month in spousal support. Jesse’s lawyers tried to argue that the $50k Aryn was getting in spousal support should be enough to cover the kids’ expenses, but the law separates child and spousal support. The judge based their ruling on the fact that Jesse brings in $521,000 a month.Jesse will also have to pay $270,000 for Aryn’s legal fees. Jesse having to pay Aryn $100k a month is just temporary until they decide on a final settlement and the court signs off on it. With the way these two have been going, I’m guessing that will happen 10 years after their children graduate from college.Jesse and Aryn were married for five years and she supported him while he was a poor actor trying to make it in the game.$100,000 is less than 25% of what Jesse brings in a month, so that may not seem like a lot of money for the care of his two kids. But I still think the judge’s decision is unfair. Jesse Williams is a 36-year-old famous millionaire actor who just got done with his starter wife. Doesn’t the court know that he’ll need as much money as possible to spend on designer clothes, Birkin bags, ass injections, a Maserati, a custom Range Rover, and a 5,000 square foot Century City condo for the Instagram THOT he’ll get engaged to next? How can the court be so cruel?!!!!?Pic: Wenn.comDlisted