Jeremy Renner’s Ex-Wife Is Fighting For Sole Custody Of Their Child

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It hasn’t been such a great September for Jeremy Renner. First he had to shut down his beloved online vanity project, the Jeremy Renner app, because trolls were goofing around on it. Now his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco is back to battle him in custody court over their 6-year-old daughter.The drama has been ongoing for 48-year-old Jeremy and 28-year-old Sonni pretty much since the moment she filed for divorce in 2014. They got married 10 months after Ava Berlin was born, and split 10 months later. During that time, she accused him of of fraud and of stealing her Canadian passport, social security card, and birth certificate. She claimed his house was a baby death trap filled with guns and a fence-less pool. Jeremy fired back that Sonni’s favorite hobbies are drinking, partying, and gold digging, with taking care of Ava being her least-favorite activity. Jeremy’s roommate Kristoffer Winters got involved to co-sign Jeremy’s claims about Sonni.Sonni decided to escalate things in 2016 by claiming Jeremy was behind almost $50,000 in child support. Jeremy tried to make the drama go away by throwing more money at Sonni, which she accepted, and that was that. Things were peaceful and quiet for three years. But Sonni doesn’t just want monni . TMZ says she wants Ava all to herself.Legal documents were recently filed in Los Angeles to change Sonni’s current custody agreement with Jeremy. They shared joint custody, but now Sonni is seeking sole legal and physical custody of Ava. She also wants any of Jeremy’s visits with Ava be monitored. It’s not known exactly what made Sonni want to yank Ava away from Jeremy, but we’re probably about to find out. Us Weekly says that Sonni is set to provide documentation to support her request, and that there is a hearing scheduled between both parties on November 7th.Radar Online points out that all of Ava’s hand-offs and pick-ups took place at her school. Switching the kid over in such a public place tells me things were probably bad. But that’s not Walmart parking lot bad, so it’s a mystery where all this is coming from. There is a chance that Sonni is still worried about danger every time Ava is at daddy’s house. To be fair, I wouldn’t want my kid around Jeremy when he’s distracted by butch outdoor activities like the wood splitter. View this post on Instagram Sunday chores on the ranch #tahoe #reno #holiday #funA post shared by Jeremy Renner on Sep 1, 2019 at 5:11pm PDTForget about the kid, that’s a dangerous machine for Jeremy to be around! He’s got to fight to remain focused on the task at hand. Because you know all Jeremy wants to do is whip off that shirt for some extra buff woodsman energy, and you just can’t have loose clothing flying around the intake hole like that.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted