Jennifer Hudson Says David Otunga Needs To Get A Job!

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The custody battle between Jennifer Hudson and her ex-fiance David Otunga is taking a sharp turn into Sticks and StonesLand with Jennifer’s recent claim that David does nothing but lie around the house all day watching old wrestling matches on YouTube in his drawls. In other words; He needs to get a damn job, like, NOW!In November, Jennifer decided it was time for David to move right outta her life after allegations of domestic violence were revealed. And now they’re both ringing in the New Year with a super messy custody grudge match for their 8-year-oldDavid Otunga Jr. TMZ reports that during a hearing on Friday in Chicago Jennifer’s lawyer informed the judge that David Sr. needs to get up off that ass and start shaking his tits for tips soon because he’s unemployed and she refuses to take care of a grown ass man. But David immediately drop kicked those lies outside of the ring when he countered by reminding everyone that he makes his bread and butter by strapping on tight adult Underoos and getting sweaty with a bunch of other dudes .Otunga says he IS employed … with the WWE, in addition to working on other entertainment projects. He also says it’s nervy for Hudson to grouse about money when she makes between $8 million and $13 million per season just for “The Voice.”Ironically David was set to be a commentator for the long-running WWE Survivor Series back in November but decided to pull out once the shit hit the fan with Jennifer. He wanted to focus on the custody Battle Royale. And another ingredient in this pot of WTF Stew is the revelation that five years ago Jennifer hit David with his very own Sophie’s Choice moment when she made him choose between wrestling full-time or being with his family. Perhaps he should have chose wrestling because now his family is pretty much done.David also claims that while he’s focused on trying to raise their son, Jenniferis only focused on getting money. Well DUH! Someone’s gotta bring that bacon home, dude, and now it’s your turn. I guess it’s time for him to throw that Speedo back on and hit the ring once again. Or the pole. Because let’s face it, both occupations require the exact same wardrobe. I’m hoping he chooses the pole though. I got a couple loose dollar bills to help you out, bruh.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted