Here Comes The Jennifer Aniston And Jon Hamm Rumors Again

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Forget about a Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pittmarriage reunion. It’s a pipe dream. They ain’t the Burton-Taylor of our time and they’re not getting back together. Case in point: when Jen saw Brad at an Oscar’s after-party, she gave him a “Hiiii” before making a beeline for the Hammaconda’s host body, Jon Hamm.The Sun reports:A source told The Sun Online: “I saw her go over to Brad and say a quick hi to him – then she spent a lot of time chatting to Jon.“They were talking for ages and seemed to know each other really well. Everyone noticed.”It can only mean one thing – dey gonna fuuuuck. And it’s not the first time these two have been linked. Last year, an alleged insider told NW Magazine that J Squared were seeing each other on the down low. Via Gossip Cop:According to NW, a “romance is blossoming” between Aniston and Hamm, who’ve supposedly been going on secret dates. “Everyone is wondering how on earth this didn’t happen sooner,” an unknown source tells the magazine. “Over the years, she’s had her people enquire if he was available on several occasions in between her own romances.”Lainey from Lainey Gossip has been shipping Hammiston for years. I get it. They’re hot, it’s age appropriate, and both seem like the type who will never really achieve their iconic movie star dreams. They’re TV types. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Personally, I prefer TV, as my broken squirrel brain can only focus on things for a max of one hour at a time.So time to start writing your erotic Don Draper-Rachel Green fan fiction! Feel free to use the above Aniston photo to inspire Rachel’s reaction when she finally feasts her eyes on the Hammaconda. “Oh geez! Oh god! You’re sayin’ that, uh, your, uh, THAT has gotta fit in HERE?! Oh geez! Pheeebs!”Pic: Wenn.comDlisted