Gigi Hadid Could Be A Juror In The Harvey Weinstein Trial….But Probably Won’t Be

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People says that the universe may have come to a karmic full-circle asGigi Hadid has been called to jury duty in New York for none other thanHarvey Weinstein‘s rape trial. I know, God’s sense of humor is very bizarre. But let’s be real, she probably won’t make it through the selection process-although I wish she would.Earlier in the month, Gigi was up on her social media bragging about the ever-exciting concept of jury duty. It seemed that she was called in and couldn’t have been more thrilled about it, writing:Well, Gigi answered the call of jury duty and ended up in the jury pool for the trail offeminist icon Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein is of course facing trial for rape in New York and has more charges in California.Gigi was one of 120 potential jurors at the Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday getting vetted for the final cut. As a supermodel, Gigi is used to highly-competitive interviews in New York City-I’m sure she did great. Gigi was questioned by the judge about her supermodel ways and was asked about meeting Weinstein previously as well asSalma Hayek-who is a potential witness. She admitted she met both but told the judge:“I think I’m still able to keep an open mind on the facts.”Homegirl made it all the way to the top 35 potential jurors and was asked to fill in a questionnaire and then come back on Thursday. God I hope they let her do it, even though I know they won’t. Our last hopes for getting justice against Harvey Weinstein are a cellphone and a supermodel. Like come on: that would literallybe poetic justice! We know Gigi Hadid can uphold laws-she’s enforced them in the past. So let her do it again! And if they don’t, maybe she can join Emily Ratajkoswki in attacking Harvey with his walker.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted