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I am exactly that nerd who loves to read theories about Game of Thrones. The fan theories are often amazing, and backed up with evidence and logic. Some fan theories come true, like R + L = J, which is that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Well, now that we’re in the final season of GoT, people are theorizing that the show will end with at least one major f–king twist. But will the twist be THIS big? One fan theory is that Daenerys Targaryen will end up the “Night Queen,” as in she’ll either choose to go to the other side and become the Night King’s special lady, or she’ll die and the Night King will do his thing on her and make her an ice zombie. A wild Game of Thrones fan theory predicts Daenerys Targaryen may turn into the Night Queen, and it might not be that farfetched. The theory was first discussed by marisaann26 on Reddit at the start of April. Daenerys could lose the Iron Throne but end up with a different type of power.The theory revolves around a Season 2 vision Daenerys had. Viewers may remember: Dany envisions herself in the throne room in Kings Landing. The room is mostly destroyed, and the throne is covered in snow. According to marisaann26, this snow translates to ice. The vision continues, including Dany leaving behind Khal Drogo and their son to tend to her crying dragons. A warlock says, “The mother is reunited with her babies, and you’ll be with them through winter, summer, then winter again.”The Reddit user and deep theorist explained some of this vision has already translated to Dany’s real life, such as when Dany was aiming to attack King’s Landing, but Jon Snow persuaded her to fight the White Walkers instead. The theory could come to full fruition in Season 8, where Dany could, potentially, become a White Walker by her own choosing. The explanation is simple. The vision shows Dany choosing her dragons over her human family. One of Dany’s dragons has already died. If her other two are killed, Dany may choose to live on eternally with her dragon children and may take a place as the Night Queen. It’s a win-win for the power seeker. She’d get to live on her days with her most beloved family members, as well as rule as a queen.What may be the most convincing: During the Season 2 vision, Dany sees the snowy throne, and the sight is accompanied by the White Walker theme music.The theory also notes Emilia Clarke’s own comments about her role as Dany in Season 8. The actor said her last scene as Dany was emotional and concerning in an interview with Vanity Fair. “It f***ked me up,” Clarke said. “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is….”Put the theory together with Emilia’s quote about how the ending f–ked her up and yeah… I think there’s a certain logic to it. I went back and re-watched the Season 2 “vision” scene Dany has at the House of the Undying and I’d like to point out one thing… while she sees the Iron Throne covered in snow, she doesn’t sit on the throne at any point. She also sees the space above the Iron Throne ripped off or possibly burned, through dragon fire or wildfire. This also goes hand-in-hand with another fan theory that the Night King was once a Targaryen and he still uses symbols related to Targ symbols. But I’ve always believed more in the theory that the Night King was once a Stark.Photos courtesy of HBO/Game of Thrones.Celebitchy