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Lorde fans are confused about Lorde being in prison as a result of #FreeLorde hashtag trending on Twitter. To be be clear, Lorde is not in prison, and for the love of everything holy, Lorde stans, do not donate to any GoFundMes that were set up to help her.It turns out the #FreeLorde hashtag was created as a result of New Zealand trying to enact a policy that would get parents of high school drop-outs to pay a $3,000 fine . That led to the rumor that Lorde was jailed. And that is how a modern day prison hashtag is born!According toThe Fader:The trend appears to stem from a proposed policy from New Zealand National Party leader Simon Bridges that would penalize parents of young adults who drop out of school and don’t seek further education or formal training. The right-wing party is reportedly considering fines of up to $3000 as a means of strengthening their social policy platform ahead of the incoming 2020 elections.Well, if a kid doesn’t want to go school , a hefty fine is only going to exasperate the situation, not solve it. Like sure they may want to drop out to become a drug dealer who eats cereal all day while watching The Price is Right , but maybe they just want to create the song Royals and hang out with Taylor Swift?!Bridges’s proposition has been met with pushback from the opposing Labour Party, specifically Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who saidon Thursday that “there have been various countries who have attempted to try and address issues through penalties for parents. I think, ultimately, what we need to do is support families.” As others pointed out, the policy would reprimand plenty of extremely successful New Zealanders — specifically Lorde, who dropped out just ahead of year 13 .Lorde is having a TOUGH couple of years! She was kicked out of Taylor Swift’s squad, was accused of humping on Lena Dunham’s ex-boyfriend, and now she has become the poster child for high school drop-outs and is in a pretend prison. Lorde has yet to release a statement about her fake prison sentence or this policy but Twitter of course had a lot to say about it:  lorde pictured here shivering, cause it’s cold in jail #FREELORDE– Eli Matthewson October 8, 2019lorde stans running to the jail where lorde is being kept #freeLORDE– virgo rights #freeLORDE October 9, 2019 lorde on her way to jail– jakey October 8, 2019Hopefully this policy will never happen and Lorde can roam the streets free and create her new album. Or if Lorde wanted to pull a Billy Madison and go back to school ,I would be here for it, as it may help her get through her goth stage.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted