Ethan Suplee Is Jacked Now

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Jason Lee’s ex-SFL Ethan Suplee has a new podcast out called American Glutton which, according to Cinemablend, is all about his lifelong struggle with his weight. Apparently, Ethan’s gone from Mallrat to Gym Rat. He’s ripped now, and says “he’s lost and gained at least 1,000 pounds over the course of his life,” which sounds exhausting. This is why I just stay fat. And as if to prove my superior life choices, Ethan says that when he was at his thinnest, he was miserable. And this is coming from a Scientologist! Imagine the torture of biking “100 miles a day, six days a week” if you didn’t have whatever worse torture that goes on in the Sea Org for comparison.Here’s what Ethan looks like now. View this post on Instagram If the changing of one arbitrary date to another is what it takes to set goals and go after them, I support you. If the holidays have derailed a path you were on and you look forward to getting back on that path, I support you. There is no better time than right now to set some personal goals and attack those things that bar the way. Today is and will alway be better than tomorrow. Sincerely,A post shared by Ethan Suplee on Dec 31, 2019 at 10:28am PSTEthan’s married to Brandy Lewis, and is Juliette Lewis’ brother-in-law. Here’s Juliette sharing the news of Ethan’s podcast with a “before” picture of Ethan from when he was in Remember the Titans, which ironically, I had totally forgotten he was in. View this post on Instagram Check out my bro in law @ethansuplee ‘s new podcast- @americangluttonpodcast His stories are amazing. And great guests coming up…. #AmericanGlutton #GreatPodcasts o @americangluttonpodcast Thanks for the shout out @brobible #Repost @brobible ??? Remember Lou from Remember the Titans? Well he’s JACKED now. Hell yea @ethansupleeA post shared by Juliette Lewis on Jan 10, 2020 at 9:46am PSTScientology snark aside, Ethan’s journey sounds heartbreaking and his openness about his struggle is illuminating.Ethan Suplee revealed he went on his first diet at age 5 after he visited his grandparents in Vermont and they were shocked at his size. So they started limiting his food and he learned that when he wanted a second helping of lasagna he had to grab it fast when they weren’t looking. It taught him that food was something people didn’t want him to have, so he would binge in private.Ethan Suplee said he was over 200 pounds by the time he was 10, and that was when his dad put him on a liquid diet of diet soda and protein shakes. He said he was losing weight but his mom didn’t like the diet so she pulled him off it. He had another weight surge and didn’t really think about dieting again until he was around 20. When he started working on a project in Romania, he started the liquid diet again and shed about 60 pounds.Ethan Suplee said he’s tried all kinds of diets from South Beach and Atkins to blood type, Keto, etc. He said during his most successful time for weight loss, he lost at least 210 pounds. Sounds like the 6-foot-1-inch tall star wasn’t happy during that period, though, since he described his body “skin and bones” and it came from riding something like 100 miles a day, six days a week.I’m sure Ethan’s podcast is thoughtful and edifying but based on this picture below, I think I’d rather listen to a totally unhinged conspiracy theory podcast, co-hosted by Juliette, where he and really let their Scientology freak flags fly! View this post on Instagram “Your Luck Is About To Change” BY SUSAN ELIZABETH HOWE Ominous inscrutable Chinese news to get just before Christmas, considering my reasonable health, marriage spicy as moo-goo-gai-pan, career running like a not-too-old Chevrolet. Not bad, considering what can go wrong: the bony finger of Uncle Sam might point out my husband, my own national guard, and set him in Afghanistan; my boss could take a personal interest; the pain in my left knee could spread to my right. Still, as the old year tips into the new, I insist on the infant hope, gooing and kicking his legs in the air. I won't give in to the dark, the sub-zero weather, the fog, or even the neighbors' Nativity. Their four-year-old has arranged his whole legion of dinosaurs so they, too, worship the child, joining the cow and sheep. Or else, ultimate mortals, they've come to eat ox and camel, Mary and Joseph, then savor the newborn babe. Merry ChristmasA post shared by Ethan Suplee on Dec 24, 2019 at 10:21pm PSTBut that’s just me. I can’t think of anything worse than listening to somebody talking about going to he gym, other than actually going to the gym myself.Pic: InstagramDlisted