Duchess Kate wears Beulah for a series of events in London: cute or meh?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for a series of events in London on Tuesday, visiting the London Bridge JobCentre, the London Muslim Center and a bagel shop called Brick Lane. The events were conducted to the pandemic – like, Will and Kate talked about employment and whether anyone was hiring during the pandemic, and the bagels… I don’t know, maybe they were just supporting a local business?I’ve felt for some time now that Kate spent the bulk of her lockdown shopping online, and we kept getting glimpses of all of her newly purchased dresses in all of her Zoom calls. That’s where we first saw this dress, from a Zoom call in May. This is from Beulah London and it retails for 550. She also wore a light floral mask , plus Ralph Lauren heels and a new pair of Missoma earrings. Beulah London must have been having some good sales, she’s worn a few of their high-neck, white-collar prairie-style dresses this year.While they were at the job center, they spoke to Lloyd Graham, the community engagement manager for construction company Keltbray, who spoke about hiring people for demolition work. William chimed in: “The children, especially Louis would love to come and watch that, to see the diggers, they love it.” Then Kate said: “Don’t forget Charlotte! She’d love it too.” It honestly just occurred to me that William’s sole reference to “how normal people live” is through fatherhood. He doesn’t know what to say to a guy who does demolition work so William just mentions his own manly little boys. And Kate piped up with the fact that Charlotte likes some destruction and explosions too.Also: there were many comments about Kate’s absence from public view for the past six weeks and maybe she was pregnant again. I hope this video clearsthat up – she’s lost weight in lockdown. Also: I find it gross that they put hand sanitizer on before they worked the dough. They should have WASHED THEIR HANDS. And Kate kept her rings on too! Throw out that dough.Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.Celebitchy