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Remember back in June, when the Duchess of Sussex made a surprise appearance at the Yankees baseball game in London? Prince Harry was always scheduled to go, but Meghan surprised everyone by showing up too. There were great photos of Meghan and Harry meeting the teams and receiving cute baseball-themed presents and it was just a splendid photo-op which dominated all of that weekend’s royal headlines. A few hours after the photos came out, Kensington Palace made a sudden announcement – on a Saturday evening!!! – that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be going on a royal tour of Pakistan this fall. The passive-aggression jumped out. It was so petty: the Cambridges simply could not allow the Sussexes to have all the headlines.Well, we all saw this coming a mile away. Today, Meghan is launching her SmartWorks clothing collection, her latest big project which is actually a very clever scheme to help one of her patronages and help lower-income women get cute and appropriate work attire. Well, we can’t let Meghan to get ALL of the headlines today, can we? Did you know that Kate actually took a meeting with a big director yesterday???The Duchess of Cambridge had a sit down with the director of Love Actually, Richard Curtis, to discuss a new mental health project on Wednesday. While she and her husband, Prince William, are well known for their own mental health initiative, the Heads Together campaign, it is understood that the royal pair will be contributing to one of Richard’s projects. While the details have yet to be revealed, the director, who also directed Four Weddings and a Funeral and About Time, spent time with Kate at Kensington Palace to discuss the idea.Mental health is an issue close to Richard’s heart, as he previously opened up about losing his sister to suicide. Speaking about the tragic loss in 2017 at the Public Health England conference, he explained: “I was so privileged and we had so much money and so much access and still couldn’t do anything. I can’t believe what it must be like for someone whose relatives aren’t in that situation and they have nothing.”I just…I mean, it’s super-obvious. Maybe it’s meant to be super-obvious. The Cambridges aren’t trying to hide their attempts to step on the Sussexes’ newscycles. Nothing has made the Cambridges more KEEN than some competition. And it’s so Meghan-specific too – before Meghan, Harry was doing a lot and he had his own projects and sure, William might have been a bit petty about Harry here and there. But it really was about Meghan’s entrance into the fold. As for the Cambridges’ collaboration with Richard Curtis… I’ll save my thoughts until we see the finished product. Is Kate ever going to reveal that Broken Britain project/initiative/campaign? We’re coming up on a year since that was announced. And it’s been about seven months since Kate threw herself a palace party for the vague “project.”Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.Celebitchy