Duchess Kate is both ‘the jewel in the crown’ & the ‘savior of the monarchy’…?

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are leaving the royal family for very good reasons. I applaud them and wish them well. But there is part of me – the gossip blogger part of me – which is not looking forward to covering the Windsors post-Sussex. This weekend, we got a preview of what the next decade is going to look like: a breathless exaltation of the Duchess of Cambridge for A) existing, B) being white, C) not rocking the boat, D) not divorcing Wandering Willy when he cheats on her and E) did I mention that she’s white? If you thought Kate had a perfect foil when Meghan was around, just wait until Kate is endlessly compared to The Duchess Who Shall Not Be Named. I know that all of us royal-watchers are like “haha, chickens come home to roost for the Cambridges,” but the truth is, the Royal Rota will be – and already IS – all to eager to embiggen Kate even more. Case in point, this Sun article:Her Maj may well be saddened and disappointed — and Charles and Wills left fuming — but they know they have an asset that will ensure this is all merely a blip. That asset is Kate Middleton. She is the jewel in their crown and carries the hopes for their future on her slender shoulders. Kate doesn’t put a foot wrong. She has coped with difficult pregnancies, rumours about her marriage and accusations of being dull and boring, always gracefully and with dignity. She is a sweet-tempered, gentle-natured woman but has a core of steel which has helped her survive the negativity. And she is now flourishing at the very heart of The Firm.That’s all I could manage to excerpt because my eye was twitching so hard. While I’ve never been Kate’s biggest fan, I could find a way to compliment her in a realistic way. It’s the over-the-top fawning that gets me. I mean, “the jewel in the crown” R U SERIOUS. I’m old enough to remember when INDIA was the jewel in the crown. Because literally, those British colonizers stole the Koh-I-Nor and they refuse to give it back. But I digress. Not content to merely state that Kate IS THE CROWN, the Daily Mirror went further: Kate will single-handedly save the monarchy.Kate, the future queen, has clearly realised how the weight of responsibility to save this institution is now firmly on her shoulders. She must be the strength behind the throne of King William V. And she must raise her eldest son to face up to his duty too, while helping her other two children lead as normal lives as possible. It is a balancing act that would be tricky at the best of times, but one that has become even more onerous now.A Palace source said: “There’s a genuine worry over how much this could affect the Cambridges and the strategy that has been carefully crafted for them. William has been taking on more responsibilities at home and abroad – working in the Middle East is a great example, and also his strides into the climate-change arena. With Kate, she has arguably had her best year as a royal, looking very comfortable and relaxed in the role, working with major issues that she will carry on doing for years to come.”Harry and Meghan deciding to up sticks and leave without any thought about how it could affect them is pretty selfish. If the Sussexes are only here half the year then it will fall to William and Kate to pick up the slack with more engagements, more pressure, and that has not even been considered.”But her affection and admiration for the Queen means that Kate will never shirk. She once spoke of how she was “struck by the Queen’s sense of duty and commitment”, and she clearly hopes to follow her lead and help William do his duty.Ah, yes, Harry and Meghan are super-selfish because now Kate and William can’t take credit for their work or throw them under the bus whenever Cambridges-critical headlines happen. My guess is that there is real concern in Buckingham Palace and Clarence House these days about Kate, and that’s why there’s a rush to embiggen her even more, because Kate is all they’ve got. My guess is that the concern is that Kate will just go back to being lazy as f–k because she no longer has any “competition.” If anything, all she’s learned from this entire Sussex debacle is that all she has to do is sit around and everyone will fall all over themselves to kiss her ass. She can coast like this for years. We’re never going to see the Early Years launch.Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red and Backgrid.Celebitchy