Donald Trump mocked Mitt Romney’s self-imposed quarantine: ‘Gee, that’s too bad’

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Once Donald Trump finally acknowledged that there was a pandemic and a global health crisis, he started doing unhinged daily press conferences. He loves the attention, first and foremost. But I also believe that he thinks he’s, like, soothing everyone and “managing” the crisis? I can imagine a lot of presidents would choose to do daily briefings in the midst of a national or international emergency. What I can’t imagine is that any president other than Smallhands choosing to lie constantly, be racist all over the place and use the daily briefings as media-bashing campaign events. Rachel Maddow said last week that networks should seriously consider not airing Trump’s briefings and I agree. Although I know the briefings will still air.Trump is giving some information – he’s authorized the National Guard, for one – but his briefings are giving people more anxiety and angst than soothing or calming anyone. Beyond the racism – which is the official policy of this White House, to continue saying “China virus” – there is Trump’s endless petty cruelty, like this, when he heard that Mitt Romney was in quarantine:"Romney's in isolation? Gee, that's too bad" — Trump, sarcastically, on Mitt Romney going into quarantine over coronavirus concerns. #BeBest pic.twitter.com/d4KPIDto6Z— Aaron Rupar March 22, 2020 All of that has combined to make people hungry for any kind of authentic empathy and leadership. Joe Biden is a sure thing for the Democratic nomination now, but he went quiet shortly after his primary sweep last Tuesday. Sources tell Politico that Biden’s campaign silence was on purpose – he was assessing what could be done as the nominee, and he legitimately didn’t want to play politics in the middle of a crisis. But after seeing Trump’s unhinged daily briefings, Biden now plans to do “shadow briefings” on a daily basis, likely starting today. Biden isn’t planning on doing events with crowds – he’ll do his briefings from his Delaware home. I look forward to seeing them.Photos courtesy of Backgrid.Celebitchy