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So we’re not going to STOP making TikTok personalities famous, but we WILL cancel them at a moment’s notice. Got it! As counterproductive as this may be, I’m all too happy to report that #DojaCatIsOverParty is trending again. “Did Doja Cat ever start?” said everyone over the age of 12.Apparently, some people get three or four “cancels” before actually being canceled. Others just need one to get removed from celebrity-dom. But after spending the first ten seconds of my research on one-time HSOTDDoja Cat, I’m already confused.According to multiple sources, including THE Source, rapper Doja Cat, of that Say So song and whose real name is Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini, has been exposed with evidence that she is not only anti-black but appears to be bosom bodies with a handful of white racist incels. This in addition to her PREVIOUS problematic penchant for tossing around the word “faggot”. Internet users have dug up lots of gross examples of Doja’s past behavior. And because she’s 24, she’s left most of it lying around in plain sight like a dum dum. When oh when is someone going to open up the We’ll Delete All Your Past Messy Tweets PR agency?Someone posted a video of Doja in a chat room full of “incels” . Not only that, but many of the men in this chat room are also alleged alt-right members who can be heard using the “n-word”, while Doja , laughs while dragging on a Juul. People are speculating that she was in this chatroom as recently as a week ago–these sleuths work fast! View this post on Instagram SAY IT AINT SO! Hold up! After coming under fire for using homophobic slurs, #DojaCat is trending AGAIN! This time over video chats which resurfaced online showing her engaging in racists calls. #Doja we need answers A post shared by HOLLYWOOD UNLOCKED on May 22, 2020 at 5:20pm PDTDOJA DID THIS 6 DAYS AGO????— thai | restricted May 23, 2020But if that wasn’t messy enough, one of Doja’s old songs resurfaced online. The track in question is titled “Dindu Nuffin” which is apparently a phrase people in alt-right spaces of the dark and dirty web use to describe black victims of police brutality.To make matters worse, Doja was recently discovered to be one of Lana Del Rey’s favorites.#DojaCatIsOverParty is trending on twitter after evidence of the rapper being Anti-Black, being friends with white racist incels, and ALLEGEDLY being racist to Indians resurfaced onto the internet.— The Pop Hub May 22, 2020Past examples of other shitty behavior include: working with alleged garbage person Dr. Luke, using “fag” openly in her online circles and IG LivesStreams, and mocking people with physical disabilities. I mean, as for that last one, we’ve got video proof of the PRESIDENT doing that, so I’m guessing Doja will probably skate on it. But on the plus side, it looks like Trump has an opening act for his upcoming re-election stadium tour!Pic: InstagramDlisted