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We get right into Britney Spears’ newest conservatorship situation including Daddy Spears going crazy on her son and her new custody agreement with KFed, which leads to me telling a truly embarrassing KFed story. After that, we talk about Lana Del Rey becoming furry enemy #1 and Zazie Beetz rebooting “whore bath” as “cat wash” while talking about how Americans shower too much.We also get into possible Oscar nominee Jennifer Lopez, Linda Hamilton being celibate for 15 years, Ms. Monopoly, Jake Gyllenhaal saying that “intimacy” is the key to his self-care, and Flume eating ass at Burning Man. Goodnight to that.You can find us oniTunes,Stitcher,TuneIn, Spotify, andGoogle Play. If you’ve got a question or want us to cover something, e-mail us at:! Dlisted