Chrishell Hartley Was Apparently Blindsided When Justin Hartley Filed For Divorce

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The divorce between This Is Us star Justin Hartley and Selling Sunset star Chrishell Hartleyis already getting messy and it’s barely been two weeks. According to TMZ, Justin was the first to file divorce papers, and he listed their date of separation as July 8 2019, leading us to believe they appeared together at subsequent events under mutually agreed upon terms. However, Chrishell has now filed her response to the petition, and she lists their date of separation as November 22, 2019. That’s the very day Justin filed the initial papers, and a 5-month discrepancy. So there’s room for a bit of drama there. Add the fact that Chrishell posted a pointed quote on Instagram about people changing “right in front of you,” and you’ve got yourself a situation worthy of two veteran soap actors. If we’re lucky, this will lead to one of them getting amnesia, and the other getting facial reconstruction surgery and starting a new life under an assumed identity. Considering Justin’s on a hit network TV show and Chrishell is not, I hope she enjoys her new life as Cassandra Beauregard, a mysterious brunette who shows up one day in a Buenos Aires social club with a barely perceivable limp and a broad southern accent.TMZ reports that Justin’s divorce filing was “a total blindside,” and People reports that Chrishell is “still reeling,” with a source claiming that Justin “never took marriage seriously at all.” Per TMZ, Justin’s character arc has been pushed even further into villain territory, because he doesn’t want to pay any spousal support.Besides the separation date — Chrishell and Justin don’t see eye to eye on a couple of other issues. According to her docs, filed by celeb attorney Samantha Spector, Chrishell says she wants him to pay spousal support … and he doesn’t want to pay.She also wants him to cover her attorney’s fees, but — you guessed it — Justin wants her to cover her own legal expenses.Oh, and speaking of change … Chrishell has one other request in her docs. She’s going back to her maiden name … Stause.Here’s her divorce attorney approved public message to Justin. View this post on InstagramA post shared by Chrishell on Dec 2, 2019 at 9:15am PSTA source tells People a version of what we already heard. That Justin got very famous, very quickly and wants to keep his options open, and Chrishell wanted to start a family. This is Justin’s second divorce, and he shares custody of his 15-year-old daughter from his previous marriage. In cases like this where both parties are blessedly child-free , I think the fair thing to do would be for the judge to make them split up their Instagram followers. Justin probably didn’t have 1.6 million when they began their relationship. And Chisshell only has 271K. Justin should have to give her half of his followers to take with her on her new life as Cassandra Beauregard-Stause, international woman of mystery. And he should do it quickly before the amnesia sets in, and he forgets he was ever married at all.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted