Bryan Cranston Had Coronavirus And Has Donated His Plasma

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Bryan Cranston had coronavirus, but thankfully he had a mild case and is totally fine now. And like Tom Hanks before him, Bryan has donated plasma to theUCLA Donation Center to help people out and he posted about the process.Oh man, you know some dumbass superfan is about to purposely catch coronavirus and roll up to UCLA like,“Can I get Walter White’s blood, please?”Deadline says that Bryan’s coronavirus symptoms were mild including a“slight headache, tightness of chest and lost all taste and smell.” But Bryan can taste again and he did an Instagram video where he told everyone to“keep wearing the damn mask, keep washing your hands, and stay socially distant.“Bryan went on:“Hello everyone, I wanted to announce that I had COVID-19 a little while ago. Very luck. Very mild symptoms. And so I thought maybe there was something I can do… So hopefully the plasma donation can help some other people.”Bryan said the process took about an hour and the doctor explained in the video they were taking out the plasma from his blood and putting the platelets back in. Also, that plasma is yellow! He called it “liquid gold” but honestly it looks like some chonky-piss to me. View this post on Instagram Hi. About now you’re probably feeling a little tied down, restricting your mobility and like me, you’re tired of this!! Well, I just want to encourage you to have a little more patience. I was pretty strict in adhering to the protocols and still… I contracted the virus. Yep. it sounds daunting now that over 150,000 Americans are dead because of it. I was one of the lucky ones. Mild symptoms. I count my blessings and urge you to keep wearing the damn mask, keep washing your hands, and stay socially distant. We can prevail – but ONLY if we follow the rules together. Be well – Stay well. BCA post shared by Bryan Cranston on Jul 30, 2020 at 9:32am PDTThe UCLA Donation Center explained the donation of plasma from people who had coronavirus like this:“You may have antibodies in your plasma that attack the virus. Your donated plasma could be used for compassionate treatment or as part of a scientific trial to determine definitively if this treatment works. It can also be used to support research efforts such as making tests to check immunity to the virus.”So Walter White donated his plasma and put out a little pro-mask PSA.Imagine if Madonna just did that instead of promoting demon jizz hustlers?Pic: Wenn.comDlisted