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Yesterday, there were sources upon sources in theBritney Spears orbit who talked about how there was going to be some theatrical ass drama in court.Britney was supposed to show up to her conservatorship battle dressed in black with a veil and turn that shit into a scene fromThe Young & The Restless. Well, it was not. It wasn’t even a dramatic scene fromRaven’s Home. It was nothing-‘uneventful’ would be the descriptor. But that didn’t stop the #FreeBritney people from making an appearance to show their Queen they’re with her, even if she has not asked them to be.Us Weekly says that nothing really happened in court and everything is the same. The rumor was that 37-year-old Britney was going to show up in court with her mom,Lynne Spears, and together they were going to take down her fatherJamie Spears like Voldemort. ButBritney didn’t show up and Daddy Spears still holds the purse strings while Jodi Montgomery keeps track of Brit’s life.Britney’s dad had previously relinquished some of the conservator power to Jodi after a messy fight with his grandson, Sean Preston, led to a restraining order against him. Jamie will not be charged for the fight.Yesterday’s hearing was to reevaluate Jamie’s status as Britney’s conservator. He’s set to take over again from Jodie Montgomery in January. Lynne showed up in court withBritney’s own lawyer,Sam Ingham.Jamie was accompanied by his lawyer and Jodi.A motion to seal transcripts and documents from the hearing was granted “because they may contain proprietary information and sensitive medical and family details” about Britney and her family.The proceedings were sealed so it’s not clear if the conservatorshipinvestigation was detailed at all, but wait for one of these wrong-sources to tell us about it again.There is set to be another status hearing on January 22, 2020.An insider says that Lynne “feels it’s in Britney’s best interests” if the conservator is a “neutral third party.” Slow clap for Lynne-literally I meanslow clap because where was this parenting energy before this child was worked into a delirious pop starlet like it’s Black Mirror?A second source really paints a picture of where Britney’s parents are on the scale of: Cares About Britney to Cares About Britney’s Money. They say:“Jamie isn’t opposed to being removed as conservator of Britney as the person, but will fight any attempt to remove him as conservator of her estate. Britney’s finances were in shambles before Jamie took over. She was approaching bankruptcy in 2007.”Now this must have all really bothered the members of the #FreeBritney movement who were outside court waiting for Britney hours before she was supposed to arrive. And didn’t, may I remind you. Yup, the #FreeBritney movement was on hand to give their help to their goddess.Britney once seemingly responded to #FreeBritney by saying all is well, although some think she was forced to do that and not all is well . But what I’m wondering is, where were these protestors when my mom wouldn’t let me go on that non-school-related Spring Break trip in high school to the Dominican Republic? #FreeKristian, how about that!Pic: YouTubeDlisted