BREAKING NEWS: Kate Beckinsale And Goody Grace Have Broken Up

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Shocking. Devastating. Heartbreaking. Those are words that don’t apply to the news that things have not worked out for 47-year-old Kate Beckinsale and her 23-year-old boyfriend of nine months Goody Grace. According to The Sun, Kate recently performed the solemn act of unfollowing Goody on Instagram and deleting all evidence of their whirlwind relationship from her account. Goody on the other hand, left a solitary reminder of their time together in the form of a short clip from June of him wishing Kate a happy birthday complete with the caption “i love you ?.” The fact that in it he’s wearing a giant plush hippo head while Kate self-consciously pouts and primps while holding a tiny dog in her lap, makes the moment all the more poignant.News of their breakup just so happens to coincide with the release of Goody’s latest single, Winter, which is “out everywhere now! link in bio ?.” According to The Sun:The Pearl Harbor actress, 47, started dating the singer, 23, in January and he moved into her Los Angeles home for lockdown.But after six months living together, she has unfollowed him on Instagram and he has returned to his native Canada.Kate has also deleted images from Instagram which she posted in June to celebrate his birthday.The couple were first linked in January and were spotted holding hands on a date in California three months later.They publicly declared their love for each other in comments on Instagram in June.Where, oh, where will Kate ever find another pale young thing with neck tattoos and an artist’s soul with whom to share her bed and Instagram stories? It’s not as if she can just walk into her 21-year-old daughter’s bedroom and ask “what you listening to, love? Can I get his number?” Not again, that only works two, maybe three times if you’re lucky. Thankfully, Kate’s already got a new warm body to take Goody’s place in her opulent bed. View this post on Instagram Sweet dreams A post shared by Kate Beckinsale on Oct 21, 2020 at 6:08pm PDTPic: InstagramDlisted