Billie Eilish’s James Bond-theme song ‘No Time To Die’ is here: thoughts?

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In the recent canon of James Bond-film theme songs, I still believe that Adele killed it with “Skyfall.” Her big voice worked so well when combined with the structure given to Bond-theme artists. Adele won the Best Song Oscar for “Skyfall,” obviously. When Spectre came around, the went with another blue-eyed soul artist from Britain: Sam Smith. I honestly didn’t think “Writing’s On the Wall” was that strong, but it’s a better song than people remember and it also won the Oscar for Best Song. So it’s been established that Oscar voters love Bond songs. All of which to say, I was surprised that an American artist was chosen for the theme song for No Time to Die. I was even more surprised that the artist chosen was… Billie Eilish, the teenage wunderkind who most recently swept up at the Grammys. I didn’t know what to expect, but this was not it. Here’s Billie’s “No Time To Die.”It’s softer than I was expecting, but you know what? It’s for Daniel Craig’s last turn as Bond, and it’s a film which reportedly deals a lot with betrayal and chickens coming home to roost or whatever. So the kind of depressive nature fits? Anyway, Billie is going to win an Oscar for it. For sure. And truly, it’s a pretty good song?Here’s the first No Time To Die teaser with Billie’s song:Photos courtesy of WENN.Celebitchy