Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas went for lunch together, inside

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It’s been a while since we’ve had new photos of Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. I know they’ve been photographed together since we’ve last covered them but they were exclusive photos so we couldn’t post them. I’m not sure how much you guys care though. Interest in these two is definitely waning. We do have an ongoing joke in our CB Zoom meeting with one member who loves Ben. We’ve talked about it on the podcast a couple of times! Ben is looking better though. There was a recent tweet that went viral claiming he’d de-aged himself back to the 90s. I just think it was a good angle and the fact that he’s lost weight and was wearing a flannel shirt, but he does look good. Also, everyone is making fun of how much sugar and cream Ben uses in his coffee.These are photos of Ben and Ana out at the Brentwood Country Mart, where the photo agency says they had lunch. I’m assuming they ate inside, because there aren’t any photos of them eating outside. Since it’s California they probably have very good social distancing and I’m sure the wait staff wear masks. It still scares me to go out to eat though and I haven’t done it yet, even outside. My son and I usually get takeout and then go sit at a picnic bench where we can people watch. I’ve seen restaurants in my town that are crowded with the doors closed. It will probably be at least six months until we do that again. What do you think about Ana’s jeans? Celebrities wear so many fug jean trends that the rest of us can’t pull off. Her sweater with the stripes down the shoulders is cute too. The jeans look kind of cool on her and like a 90s throwback. This makes me wonder if she’s watched Ben’s old movies. She so seems like the type who would do that. You know she’s watched even the sh-tty ones like Reindeer Games, Forces of Nature and Bounce. Look at Ben’s face! Did we ever see him look like this with Jennifer? Photos credit: BackgridCelebitchy