Bella Thorne’s Not-So-Funhouse Is On The Market For $2.55 Million

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The global sage market is in turmoil with the news that Bella Thorne’s Trippy Twins Fun House in Sherman Oaks, California, has hit the market at $2.55 million. Desperate potential buys have been seen rushing to the desert with canvas sacks and scythes as Big Sage does what it can to corner the market. Shit, I’ve even heard that people are shoplifting poultry seasoning off the shelves of every Safeway, Kroger’s and Whole Foods this side of the Mississippi to get their hands on the stuff. That’s how much sage will need to be burned in order to expel the cracked out demons living within the walls of 5044 Fulton Ave.Bella introduced us to her house last year, which she bought in 2016 for $2.01 million, when she was trying to drum up business by renting the place out for “your next party, photo shoot or film location.” I guess too many people opted instead to lick a toilet in a Greyhound Bus terminal and wait for a slow and painful death for free. So now, all of Bella’s 19 cats have been removed from the premises and the REDRUM mirror has been anointed with Windex for the first time in two years in preparation for the sale. According to Realtor.com:The actress Bella Thorne is leaving her bright-pink home behind.She’s listed the outrageously decorated home in Sherman Oaks, CA, for $2.55 million, the Los Angeles Times reported. The space features brightly colored murals on the walls, rainbow-hued stairs, and a “rose room,” covered with, yes, handcrafted roses.The 4,500-square-foot, five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom house has been redone to the hilt to fit Thorne’s precise tastes.If you’re a fan of the actress, this might be the ultimate conversation piece.If Bella has a fan with $20 to spare let alone $2 million, I’ll eat one of Bella’s commemorative lice-ridden, fun-fur, bong water sodden, 90s rave hats that come free with every stay. Here’s a before photo, and the after Bio Hazard Plus Crime Scene Cleanup came through photos. View this post on Instagram Manifest yourself on top of the world in the trippiest way! #party #rental #venuesA post shared by Trippy Twins Fun House on May 6, 2019 at 11:17am PDT View this post on Instagram : Bella and Dani Thorne are selling their house in Sherman Oaks, California for $2.55 million dollars. : Bella y Dani Thorne estn vendiendo su casa en Sherman Oaks, California por $ 2.55 millones de dlares. @bellathorne @dani_thorne #bellathorneforever #atodoritmochicago #bellathornedab #bellathorne #shakeitupchicago #bellathornefans #bellathornesnapchat #bellathornestyle #bellathorneforever #annabellathorne #bellathornelovesyou #bitchimbellathorne #bellathornevideo #bellathorneselfie #bellathornefanpage #bellathornemakeup #thornebybella #amoramedianoche #midnightsun #cecejones #minibellathorne #littlebellathorne #famousinlove #bellathorneoutfitA post shared by BELLA THORNE on Jul 31, 2020 at 10:33am PDTI’m sure the neighborhood association is throwing the biggest celebratory block in the history of block parties . Page Six did the math on how much it would cost to repaint the exterior.The Los Angeles-based company Just Right Painting, Inc., which services the area, took a look at the listing photos for us. Based on an eyeball of the home’s specs, it reported that the cost for a power wash, prime, and application of two final coats of fresh paint to the exterior would run about $12,500.But that’s just the exterior. If you want to cover over the interior color customizations with more neutral shades, figure on another few thousand bucks.Not only that, but prospective buyers should expect to pay an additional $200-$500 “suggested donation,” depending on travel expenses, for an exorcism performed by a qualified priest. View this post on Instagram Bob draws upon his more than 30 years of experience investigating the occult to reveal how evil influences people’s lives. Unlike the Hollywood version of the occult, Bob’s seminars feature the supernatural center-stage without smoke and mirrors! He teaches his audiences about the many ways that evil attacks human beings. “The devil traffics in human suffering,” Bob explains, “and we take people to the ‘point of the pain’ to discover where their souls have been scarred, allowing Satan to torment them. Exorcism is often part of the healing process that follows.”A post shared by ^Bob Larson^ on Feb 22, 2014 at 5:26am PSTPic: InstagramDlisted