Ariana Grande confirmed she’s making a docu-series of her Dangerous Woman Tour

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Last year, Ariana Grande posted a few clips from her Dangerous Woman Tour online. This got rumors swirling among fans that it meant something bigger, like a movie. And, as fans will be fans, they kept teasing Ariana on Twitter trying to get her to confirm. Well, guess what – it worked. In response to a tweet about whether some of her new music was featured in Kylie Jenner’s video to Stormi, a fan slipped this into the replies:how the dwt movie going sis is it already done edited and stuff pic.twitter.com/d3ij3wceN5— ryn ? July 23, 2018 And lucky for us, Ariana took the bait:no sis we are still adding to it since u love leaving me with no surprises ? now will u let us finish in peace pls— Ariana Grande July 23, 2018 When a fan expressed her excitement, Ariana explained it wasn’t a movie but a docu-series:let me surprise u w it but it ain’t a movie issa docuseries ! there are episodes. now pls drop it before i slice off my arms.— Ariana Grande July 23, 2018 As fervor increased, Ariana answered one more question about the delay and then swore that was all we were getting:the reason why it’s takin so long is bc we are adding stuff. dat is were we are leaving it. no more questions ab da series !— Ariana Grande July 23, 2018 When she speaks of “adding stuff,” I wonder if she means current stuff? As we know, Ariana has a lot going on right now. Her new album, Sweetner, drops August 17. She just got engaged to Pete Davidson and they may be tying the knot on 8/4/18 to commemorate his father’s badge number. Plus, she now sports violet hair . All of this begs the question about the focus of the docu-series. We know that the tragic Manchester bombing happened during the DWT, as did her amazing One Love Manchester benefit concert . Ariana grew as a person more during that tour than most do in a decade. As was evidenced in her most recent interview in ELLE, Ariana isn’t shying away from some of her previous misdeeds but rather is open about the fact that she had a lot to learn as a person and by my measure, she did. I don’t have any details on the series – like who’s directing it or collaborating on it with Ariana – but in the right hands, this could be fascinating, especially if the tone of the series changed to match her journey. Ariana doesn’t owe us anything, of course. If she wanted to just focus on the music and tour that is also her right. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that part of her desire not to give out any more info and her hints about adding new content all points to her marrying Pete, which maybe gives more evidence to a wedding next week. I have no idea if they are right for each other as a couple, but I wish them well. *Two degrees of separation alert!* The effects director from the overseas effects house that worked on Ariana Grande’s No More Tears Left to Cry video stayed with us while they were filming it . He had really nice things to say about Ariana and her work ethic, which only further cemented me as one of her newly-minted fans. Photo credit: WENN Photos and TwitterCelebitchy