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And it wasn’t that TikTok moron wholicked a toilet on an airplane as part ofthe “coronavirus challenge.” This is a different moron who now claims that he lost the challenge by catching corona. Coronalations! And he also picked up a Darwin Award while doing so.21-year-old TikTok dum dum Larz, also known as GayShawnMendes on Twitter, first posted a video of him strutting into a bathroom and licking a fucking toilet bowl for clout, because that’s where the youth are at these days. Well, just two days later, the New York Post said he posted a video from a hospital bed saying he has coronavirus. Womp womp!CA 'influencer' Larz, 21 Beverly Hills Is hospitalized with #COVID2019 Days after posting a video of himself licking a toiletDear #caratsgoingtojail, #Soy, #fruitlooped, #toiletlicking, #liberalSchutzstaffelGet well soon One less bed, for the light side~— ? hip2u ? March 26, 2020An influencer called Larz who licked a toilet seat to mock #Coronavirus, posted footage from a hospital saying that he has tested positive for the disease.— March 26, 2020That poor toilet.This mess and his tongue of terror were onDr. Phil for licking ice cream tubs in stores and putting them back. Remember that bullshit?As for whether or not he’s really in the hospital and really has corona, who knows. But since these TikTok-ers are obsessed with licking shit , they should use their tongues for good for once. I mean, there is a toilet paper shortage…Pic: TwitterDlisted