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I’ve always found Adam Scott kind of low-key hot. Unfortunately, in last week’s episode of Big Little Lies, with his beard gone, his looked shocking like my oldest brother and that quelled my fascination. He’s still attractive, but I am no longer attracted to him. And if the family resemblance wasn’t enough, the mental image this story provided would have snuffed out any residual desirability. On Conan O’Brien, Adam mentioned being insecure about working with such talented women on BLL. Most of his scenes are with his on-screen wife, Academy Award winner, Reese Witherspoon. Adam told Conan about a time, in between takes, Reese made a joke and when Adam laughed at it, he ended up covered in snot. And he didn’t know how to handle it.In case just listening to it wasn’t visceral enough, here is the story Adam told:Do you ever get self conscious working with all these iconic actresses?I do. It’s hard because everyone in the cast is so incredibly famous and talented and it’s crazy. One time with Reese Witherspoon and I were shooting a scene, it was the last scene we had together in season two and it was a scene in a therapists office. In between takes she said something funny. And I just went like that. And a string of snot came out and wrapped around my nose. And I excused myself, went and found the makeup person, got a Kleenex and wiped off. But I thought, ‘Should I reference what just happened to Reese? Should I make a joke about it or just apologize for the disgusting thing that just happened?’ And I didn’t and so for the six months afterwards until the show premiered, I thought, ‘should I text her and just make a joke about the snot?’ And I never did, but I tortured myself for all that time. And then at the premiere, in New York, I thought, ‘should I go up to her and say something about the snot? Just like a light-hearted thing?’ And so, I never did.So now, when I picture Adam in my head, I see my brother with snot wrapped around his nose. Yeah, it’s time to move on to one of the many, many other actors out there I find hot. Stuff happens, right? We’ve all been there – shooting our drink out of our nose during a date or going to make an important point and accidentally burping instead. I guess the part that interests me more is that Adam took so much time debating if he should reference it to Reese. Conan told him, emphatically, that he should never acknowledge it. But I disagree. I would have named the offending snot line and mentioned him in every conversation we had. I understand maybe not everyone wants to be reminded of such an incident but that particular level of yuck could use a little disarming. And I’m sure Reese never mentioned to it so as not to embarrass Adam. But now that this is out there, I hope every time Reese sees him, she pulls a tissue out of her purse and says, “you know, just in case I get clever.” Oh! If Adam needs suggestions on what to name his snot line, I have an idea. He can call the disgusting, unwelcome glob of mucus that got in his face Mitch McConnell.Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function).push};gie)});Embed from Getty Imageswindow.gie=window.gie||function).push};gie)});Photo credit: YouTube and WENN PhotosCelebitchy