Abby Huntsman Reportedly Left “The View” Because Of “Toxic” Culture

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Page Six has a source who says that there’s more drama toAbby Huntsman‘s exit fromThe View than she’s letting on. Abby’s last show is this Friday and then she’ll go off to Utah to help run her father’s gubernatorial campaign. The campaign trail will be hard and vicious, and she’ll deal with constant political and personal attacks in the Utah media. Which is apparently preferable to being around ABC where the culture is simply “toxic” and Abby was “treated like shit”.A source says that The Viewis basically harder to navigate than the East block of Attica correctional:“It’s an unhealthy environment-just the way that things are handled during shows and how people deal with each other… It’s intense.”Sounds like some passive-aggressive bullshit to me. Well Abby apparently tried to change things and actually spoke to execs about the culture:“Abby made an issue about the overall environment. She’s felt for a while that things had to change… ABC treated Abby like shit, but everyone on the show gets treated like shit. She was smart enough to do something about it.”Everyone? Even EGOT-winner/iconne Whoopi Goldberg? Yes, her specifically. The source says that Whoopi has also complained about the “atmosphere on the set.” Hmm… I wonder what could be in the atmosphere? Could the Meghan McCain is alienating-rumors be true? Could Megs truly be infecting everyone’s consciousness, instilling psychological horror and bringing down morale like theBabadook? Probably.A different source says that Abby has called the environment: “toxic.” And apparently, “ABC won’t do anything about it.” I feel like they mean “toxic” spelled: M-E-G-H-A-N. Abby also told each co-host directly that she was leaving-curious how much those conversations varied in tone…“Abby spoke to each co-host to share the news and spoke directly to the staff to let them know. Abby wanted everyone to hear the news from her.”Can’t wait for the Bombshell-version ofThe View called Toxic.It will also star Charlize Theron with equally good-prosthetics and then she’ll have played two evil blondes named “Meg.”Pic: YouTubeDlisted