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TMZ says that tomorrow onThe Doctors,Aaron Carter reveals that he suffers from a variety of mental issues and is prescribed a shit ton of medications. Which puts his life completely into perspective for me. If you had just said from the jump off you were going through it, I would have been like,“Of course, he’s gonna tease stupid shit about Michael Jackson.” “Of course he’s sucking face with Trisha Paytas!” “Of course he’s trying to flip a profit on a rescue dog!”In a two-part interview on The Doctors, which begins airing tomorrow, Aaron reveals that he was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, manic depression, and anxiety. He reveals he is on a list of prescriptions, and in fact, holds up a Ziploc bag full of prescription pill bottles to prove it:He’s out here looking like a much less funLisa Rinna.This will not be Aaron’s first appearance onThe Doctors.There’s a YouTube playlist full of his visits. On this upcoming episode, Aaron will also be doing a drug test to prove his sobriety, but he did admit to some opioid use after a dental procedure. I also once took those opioids for the same thing and they took me out-I never took them again and I just suffered through the tooth pain. I just didn’t have six hours to spare from my day to spend in a catatonic state on my parent’s bed.The two-parter will close out the week focusing on Aaron’s mental health and also on his mother’s struggles with alcoholism. So he’s bringing in the fam to get in on the exploitation of their personal issues for viewers. I mean, hey, we all have problems-may as well collect a check for yours, right?Here’s a preview of the new season of The Doctors including a teaser of Aaron’s appearance-it’s around 30-seconds in:Pic: YouTubeDlisted