A Maybe-Pregnant Kylie Jenner Was Seen In The Wild For The First Time In Months

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If there was any suspicion left that Kylie Jenner was the surrogate carrying her older sister’s newest social media content generator Chicago West, the Kardashians might have accidentally just killed it. TMZ got their hands on a very recent picture and a video of Kylie Jenner at a construction site, and it would appear – at least TMZ wants us to believe – she’s working a baby bump under her sweatshirt.Earlier this week, we saw the Kardashian-Jennersin a Calvin Klein ad, including apossibly-pregnant Kylie Jenner who covered her stomach with a quilt. This time she left the quilt at home. Kylie, accompanied by Kris Jennerand her BFF Jordyn Woods, showed up yesterday at a construction site in Hidden Hills.This is the real Kylie, not that Kylie-looking decoy that was spotted at CVS last week.Kylie Jenner Surfaces with First Full-On Baby Bump Pic and Video https://t.co/gGYpcvda2T— TMZ January 25, 2018Here’s the video of her construction site outing. Although, it’s not that interesting. Kylie sits in the passenger’s side of a car while everyone stands around talking. It basically looks like a parody of the 1967 Bigfoot footage, but shot on the set from Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” video because Kris couldn’t secure a permit for a state park.Sources tell TMZ that Kylie is due very soon, and the baby she’s having with Travis Scott is a little girl. That would put the initial due date estimate off by a couple months.Obviously this shoot wasunplanned, and Kylie definitely wasn’t wearing a dark shapeless sweatsuit to keep things murky and drag out speculation about her pregnancy further. But if someone were to shoot and leak another video of a possibly-pregnant Kylie, they should try to do it without Kris in the frame. All the questions I had about how it was possible Kylie could look less pregnant than she did back in November were immediately forgotten once I sawKris’ ass and wondered who hooked her up with the Kim Special.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted