A Director Size-Shamed Actor Lukas Gage’s Apartment Via Zoom

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Not a week of quarantine seems to go by without a cringeworthy Zoom debacle that ends up going viral. At least this one doesn’t involve a 60-year-old writer, his randy peen, and the hand that was trying to bring it to the finish line while all three of them believed their joint quest for a happy ending was a discreet and private one.According to E! News, 25-year-old actorLukas Gage, who was in Euphoria,and his humble little apartment were on the receiving end of a different kind of indiscretion:via E! News:In a video that Lukas–who plays Tyler on the HBO series–shared to Twitter, the actor prepares for his virtual audition when he hears the director speaking to a third person over Zoom.Referring to Lukas’ home, which is visible in the background, the director says, “These poor people live in these tiny apartments. Like I’m looking at his background and he has his TV, you know…”While it’s unclear what it was about Lukas’ apartment that bothered the director so much, the outspoken actor quickly interrupted him to tell him he was unmuted.“It’s a s—-y apartment,” Lukas said. “Give me this job so I can get a better one.”Zoom is pretty much Satan’s side gig in IT. Ever since lockdown and WFH became standard practice about 8 months ago, most of us in the wired world turned into full-time, mostly clothed webcam hussies on the virtual stroll from our dining room tables. Lukas was auditioning for a role with the unnamed director when the mute-challenged moment took place:psa if youre a shit talking director make sure to mute ur shit on zoom mtgings pic.twitter.com/PTgMZcRhEw— lukas gage November 20, 2020The Daily Mail adds:Oh my god, I am so, so sorry… I’m mortified,’ the director said in embarrassment, as Gage lightened the mood: ‘Listen, I’m living in a four-by-four box. It’s fine, just give me the job, and we’ll be fine.’He received an outpouring of praise from friends and fellow actors who’ve experienced similar situations with casting directors.Gage’s Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse co-star Patrick Schwarzenegger commented: ‘I dunno how u reacted so well lol’Riley Keough also commended his response, reposting the video to her Instagram Story: ‘I dunno who this is but drag him’January Jones’s reply suggested she knew the identity of the disembodied voice, now suspected by many to be Kingsman directorMatthew Vaughn . British director Tristram Shapeero was another guess that made the rounds on Twitter.January Jones is so fu?king funny pls pic.twitter.com/HUdxQmgdbq— November 21, 2020Our homes already totally hate our guts at this point. Eight months of enduring our bored, restless asses baking bread, stockpiling toilet paper, and bitching about not getting laid have pushed them to their limits. At least if you’re going to drag someone’s little hovel and not mute your rudeness, have the decency to go full Queer Eyeand buy the guy some new furniture and a total repaint job.Pic: Wenn.comDlisted