Selena Gomez Owns So Many Sexy Heels, We Simply Must Shop Them All

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When it comes to shoes, Selena Gomez wears two types: sneakers or ridiculously sexy stilettos and sandals that have the ability to make an outfit look hotter than lingerie. The star, who works with stylist Kate Young, gets her hands on everything from mismatched Jacquemus designs to Coach’s Western-inspired lace-up booties that’d make any fashion gal weak at the knees. When she’s walking down the street and not headed to a workout, Selena’s usually rocking denim with towering sandals or slingbacks, her legs appearing to be miles long thanks to a model-like strut. Ahead, read on to digest Selena’s sexiest shoe moments in recent history, and shop her closet while you’re at it. POPSUGAR