Now That We Saw Zoey Deutch in This Miu Miu Sweater, It Feels Like Valentine’s Day

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Did it feel like Valentine’s Day to you before you saw Zoey Deutch step out in this red and white outfit? No, probably not, if you’re being honest with yourself. I mean, I woke up, mumbled “Happy Valentine’s Day” to my SO, then turned over and proceeded to Instagram something sweet because that’s what you’re supposed to do on February 14, right? But I didn’t feel so impressed by someone’s romantic effort until I saw Zoey Deutch step out in New York City wearing this striped Miu Miu sweater. It says “MY OTHER HALF” with a stitching of cherries across the chest. Mind you, this jumper costs $990, so it’s not exactly something I can text over to my future husband, hoping that he’ll pick it up on the way home from work. But clearly, Zoey had planned this moment for her appearance at Sirius XM, surely with the help of her stylist Elizabeth Stewart, who has been dressing her fabulously for her Buffaloed press tour. The Miu Miu piece was complete with gingham flared trousers, white lace-up boots, a croc-effect shoulder bag, and sunglasses. Oh, and Zoey carried a rose, one casually added accessory to really make her outfit stand out on the street. I will say, it didn’t discourage me from sifting through my own closet to see what red pieces I can make work for my dinner date tonight. So thank you, Zoey, for your Miu Miu sweater moment – it certainly sent me on the hunt for a look that’s half as adorable. POPSUGAR