Miley Cyrus Left the Marc Jacobs Show in a Vintage-Inspired Belly Shirt

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Is it a scarf, is it a belly shirt, or is it just one of those really cool, original tops that only Miley Cyrus would have? That’s what I asked myself when she stepped out to celebrate her runway moment at Marc Jacobs’s Fall 2020 show – a New York Fashion Week event that will surely go down in history for this season. Miley coordinated the striped wrap top – complete with a fringed finish and a collar – with black slacks and red shapely boots, opting for minimal jewelry and no purse at all. The outfit does, undoubtedly, speak to her free spirit. Meanwhile, I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I would possibly learn to style this silky number myself, never mind successfully put it on, but Miley looked as effortless as can be. Although Miley’s exact crop top may not be in my future, I love the vintage vibes she’s sending out here, and I respect the daring idea she had to impress us all by baring her midriff on a night out in the cold. The scarf bikini is surely ready to have its moment, so why not extend the look to my evening wardrobe, too? If you’re excited to join me, I shopped out some inspired designs you could style with a cool midi skirt or trousers and some knee-high boots. I do suggest wearing a jacket if it’s cold, but that’s just me. I guess I’m just not as gutsy as Miley. POPSUGAR