Let’s All Make Sure to Do as Diane Keaton’s Blunt “Vote B*tches” Hat Says, K?

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bDiane Keaton has an extensive and well-documented hat collection. In fact, she modeled her many chapeaus in a wildly entertaining, three-minute video shared to Instagram in July. “At this time of such sadness and worry, a friendly hat and a friendly face makes the day,” Diane said. Her latest acquisition, however, is a more timely and urgent one: While recently running errands, the iconic actress sported a black baseball cap that bluntly states, “Vote b*tches.” Though markedly different than Michelle Obama’s trendy election merch, Diane’s hat gets the point across just fine. We’d also be remiss not to mention the rest of her outfit, which consisted of a patterned infinity scarf, classic white T-shirt, black double-breasted coat, heeled loafers, and belted blue jeans with a wide leg. In essence, it is the perfect fall outfit.While we have you here please read up on some of the ways you can safely vote in person or ensure that your mail-in ballot is counted ahead of election day on Nov. 3. If you’re eligible to vote but aren’t already registered, you can do so by filling out this easy form that takes about two minutes to complete. Let’s all just make sure to do as Diane says, alright? POPSUGAR