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Kirby Howell-Baptiste looked incredible in a pantsuit at the premiere of Why Women Kill, and it cost less than $10. Yes, really. The British actress, whom you know from an impressive list of shows including Killing Eve, The Good Place, Barry, and the Veronica Mars reboot, served a head-to-toe fierce look with an equally important message about consumerism and environmental consciousness. “I bought the suit I’m wearing for $6.99 from a thrift store in the valley,” Kirby said in her caption alongside a photo from the red carpet. “I had the idea that I wanted to wear a suit and also cover my face somehow. Then stylist extraordinaire @aubreybinzer helped the whole look come together with a white shirt, a ‘category is: funeral realness’ fascinator, and lots of gorgeous vintage accessories.””Most of the looks I wear are vintage, second hand, or borrowed,” she continued. “I firmly believe we have more than enough and in making more fast/throwaway fashion, we further damage this rad-ass planet unnecessarily. When possible, I try to buy secondhand clothes, or things that are consciously made, then pop in a few newer bits and bobs here and there.” POPSUGAR