I’m a Minimalist, and Here Are 28 Outfits I Saved on Instagram For Inspiration

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Though I’ve experimented with many Instagrammable trends in my day, I’m recently evolved into quite the minimalist. I’m more into tailoring than ever before. Sweet colors and prints, while fun, have started to feel “off-brand” every time I attempt them. Impeccably cut coats, slip skirts, poplin shirts, and leather separates have moved up in my rotation of go-to items, while my assortment of whimsical dresses and tops are seeing less wear. Beautifully woven knits and layering turtlenecks are something I wear at least three times a week. As for my preferred accessories? The sleeker the better, from crossbody bags to knee-high boots and sculptural jewelry, all in a mostly neutral palette of black, brown, gray, and ivory.With a newfound sense of pared-back style, I’m finding myself saving tons of outfits on Instagram that fit the aesthetic. Fashion influencers from Pernille Teisbaek to industry insiders like TyLynn Nguyen and even model-celebs such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are among my favorites; their feeds are filled with fresh ideas for styling classic pieces in a modern way, textures that pair well together and make an otherwise simple outfit feel anything but, and casually polished looks for off duty whether it’s sweatpants tucked into boots instead of sneakers, or a leisure suit upgraded with a sharp coat and handbag. Every so often, I even find myself inspired to dabble with color; jewel tones like burgundy, soft shades of blue and yellow, even punchy pops of red are among my favorites to pair with head-to-toe ivory, gray, and tan. Whether you’re a longtime minimalist or have recently found yourself identifying as such like me, ahead, read on for 28 outfit ideas via my “styling inspiration” saved folder on Instagram.POPSUGAR