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Make room in your closet, because we have great news. Shrill star Aidy Bryant is branching out into the world of fashion with a curvy clothing collection called Pauline that’s “well-made, easy to wear, easy to dress up or down, and easy to style in a way that fits you,” according to the brand. Named after Aidy’s great aunt, the Pauline collection draws from the Saturday Night Live star’s personal style and offers playful looks that are giving off major Annie Easton vibes. “I have been a fat lady my whole damn life, and I was always looking for clothes,” Aidy said in an introductory video on the Pauline website. “I always felt like there were things out there, but not what I wanted. And what I wanted was something that was easy and simple and cool but comfortable, and I couldn’t find them. I always made it work, and I always liked what I wore. But it never felt completely like me.”During her time on SNL, Aidy was able to explore her personal style in a “life-changing” way, thanks to her stylist Remy Pearce, Pauline’s cofounder. “I just felt like, ‘Yeah, it’s not fair you can’t get it because I’ve got this whole team of crazy, fancy people helping me look amazing,'” Aidy said. “And basically, my friends and I kind of banded together and made these dresses for you. What you’ll find is they’re easy, they’re cool, they’re nice fabrics, and they have pockets, so you can put your sh*t in there.”Currently the only shoppable item in the Pauline collection, the Lovington Dress is available in sizes 12 to 28 for $175 and comes in three designs: blue, stripes, and gingham. But they’re only available for a limited time, so the site advises shoppers to follow Pauline’s newsletter for future updates. Take a peek at the first look in Aidy’s collection ahead, and here’s to hoping we can snag more of her easy-cool looks soon! POPSUGAR